Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

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Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

I am so in the minority with this review, but UGH!

Wolf by Wolf is an alternate history where the Nazis are experimenting on prisoners in concentration camps. They’re trying to create the perfect Arian race. Yael is a Jewish girl in one of the camps, and subjected to these experiments. They don’t quite have the planned effect on her, though: now, she can change her appearance at will and she’s on a mission to kill Hitler.

Awesome concept, right?!

But Wolf by Wolf is so incredibly flat it makes the Netherlands look hilly.

Ninety per cent of the book is a motorbike race called the Axis Tour – a big annual event to celebrate the Third Reich and Imperial Japan’s power. The winner gets to go the Victor’s Ball, where Hitler will be. So Yael ends up competing by impersonating the previous year’s victor, Adele Wolfe, and getting into the race that way.

But the race is so dull! The pace of the story never really changes. The obstacles are predictable and quickly overcome without any real complications. And I couldn’t bring myself to care about anyone in it. It was well-signposted for where to feel sad, excited, hopeful, and so on, it just didn’t deliver the feelings themselves. Everyone in it seems to be there to move the plot along (really slowly). It’s like reading a Wikipedia page on character theory, rather than about well-rounded characters.

It’s the first book in a series of two. (Second one out November, I think.) It doesn’t stand on its own very well, and I don’t think being part of a series is an excuse for a shoddy ending. It’s a needlessly long means to an end. And that end just happens to be another whole book away.

I might flick to the last page, when that comes out. Otherwise I won’t be carrying on with this series.

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