Book crawl, book haul

Book haul

Book shopping is one of my favourite things to do. Second-hand book shopping is even better. Second-hand book shopping in Norwich (my old stomping ground) is a dream come true. Throw in a good friend, a bottle of wine, a couple of cocktails, and some NNNNGGGHHH-inducing doughnuts from Doughnut Labs, and I’m literally the happiest girl in the whole, wide world.

The Heyers, Collins and Wyndham came from a delightful second-hand bookshop in the Lanes called Dormouse Bookshop. It’s a small shop, but a goldmine. Thousands of dusty tomes, rare editions and vintage treasures waiting to be uncovered – including at least two full bookcases of Vintage Penguins for just a few pounds each. I wish the shop had been there when I was at uni.

I absolutely adore the covers on Frederica and The Day of the Triffids. (Regency Buck looks like a right good romp, too.)

The new books came from the independent bookshop, The Book Hive (which has the loveliest children’s section), and Jarrold’s, which I also love exploring.

(Then we went home and had Domino’s, drank more wine and nodded off to The Princess Diaries. We really ain’t students anymore…)

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